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Obama calling McFly..anyone home?


One of the unwritten rules of conversation or confrontation is to know that you have a very limited moment in which to react or respond, when an opponent delivers a verbal or even physical shot.. Just a very small window for retort, this is what separates the quick witted winner from the dulled down loser. (sorry non-winner) You simply have to wing it, and the Law of Truths will usually dictate he who's on the right side of history will emerge victorious. In other words it's easy to find the words when you are expressing the truth or something you know to be right.

Last nights debate revealed that President Obama is neither truthful or on the right side of history. He struggled to maintain appropriate eye contact with his political adversary, his gaze kept referring down to his notes and papers, as if they could ever rescue him. It certainly seemed he was trapped in an intellectual paralysis without his trusted teleprompter. Mitt marched over the former demagogue, with quick and even tempered dialog. For weeks the Presidents attack apparatus had been pounding Romney with erroneous or exaggerated claims, the 47%, jobs out sourced, protecting the rich, blah, blah, blah.

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Blame it on the Black Man?

If one were to recognize the bitter hatred formulating from Black America, one would clearly see the strings of the progressive movement.


Blame it on The Black Man?


Hang Zimmerman: America on Trial

George Zimmerman is behind bars tonight and if the evidence was strong enough to proceed with charges, then justice is in motion. Common sense tells us that mitigating circumstances might be at work here. Before any evidence was made public, the most powerful man in the free world let us know if he only had a son, he might look like the man who was shot. I wonder if the President had an imaginary son with an “Hispanic” woman if he too might resemble someone in this tragedy. Hint (The shooter)

The New & Improved Black Panther party issued a bounty “Dead or Alive” for the apprehension of the shooter before any proof was introduced. The media represented minority portion of the black community has insisted that Trayvon was hunted like a wild animal and executed. They say he was profiled, stalked and extinguished by a relentless predator thirsty for the blood of a black man. The same media, mind you, that refuses to acknowledge the acrimonious rhetoric spewing from circus ring leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and discredited racist like the NAACP and The Congressional Black Caucus.

Trayvon Martin Legacy

The New Black Panthers, the same tired Marxist rhetoric, coddled by a Marxist government who just revels in racial discourse. This is how the federal oppressors maintain their wealth and power. The majority of victims are displaced black citizens, lynched by a suffocating ideology and used as human pawns. People like Mikhail Muhummud, weaken and prey on the black community; along with discredited ideologues like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson they are sent in by the democrat party with government approved subterfuge.

The black community as well as many black conservatives are appalled by the state run media's absolute refusal to voice any other opinion than that of ignorant racist, be they black or white. The usual suspects in the media continue to advance and spot light the minority of black people who are condemning George Zimmerman before he's been proven guilty or innocent. ABC,NBC,CNN, and other elites are making the black community look like imbeciles, like blood thirsty animals whose mental capacity has quickly retarded with blind indignation.

America the Expendable

Secretary of state czarina, Hillary Clinton has confirmed that the Obama communist machine will not only waste tax payer money supporting Syrian rebels(12 million more), but is also contemplating military support to topple the Assad dictatorship. Lessons in Libya long forgotten, I guess. Our media and the currant regime would like us to believe that we are defending democracy, when in fact we've been contributing to the birth of an unforgiving radical Islamist consolidation. The theatrical narration seems to be that we are supporting the liberty loving oppressed, when in fact we are installing governments more murderous than the previous ones. At least we knew where we stood with Gaddafi and Hosne Mubarak.

Has Anyone Seen My America?


What happened to my America, was it all just a lucid dream? Have you seen your America lately? Yeah in my America the hero always got the girl in the end, but guess what? That worked for me, I liked it. The Russians were the bad guys, evil plots imploded on evil men, and I could say, “That movie was queer.” without invoking the PC riot police.

In my version of America we were strong, we were the modern day gladiators fighting for liberty. Justice was receiving what you deserved for the deed you did, not getting what you were owed complements of some selective plight or situation or media induced social cause. People didn't have such difficulty deciphering right from wrong. I believed the President was elected by the people, not just the people with the most money or the most nefarious agenda.

And finally people didn't mess with my America, because we would always prevail in anything we stood against. We were the tough guys with the big stick and using that big stick kept the peace.

Mr. Perry

I recently read an article congratulating Rick Perry over a clever political move, allowing illegal immigrants to receive free instate tuition. In this diverse country the republicans must pander to every political base, the big tent theory. That idea is incomprehensible and unattainable, the thought that you would have to compromise your beliefs to accommodate your political rise is wrong. If you subscribe to the “Big Tent” theory Mr. Perry, what theory won't you subscribe to in order to garnish votes?

I can't receive free instate tuition to school, my children can't and we didn't even compromise this nations sovereignty. I agree with Perry on many issues, but this issue is more than enough to annul my previous support. Our founders did not pander to every extremist flock of voters, they gave us a Republic despite strong support for a democracy. Also if you believe all Hispanics are criminals or sympathize with criminals you are a fool.

Choose Your Poison

As a conservative, I guess, I find myself inclined to vote for Rick Perry, he seems to be advocating all the right things. In 1988 Rick Perry was a democrat, not just any democrat, but one that supported progressive Eco-freak Al Gore. Al Gore, a part of the disgusting anti-America apparatus, hell bent on extinguishing lives to grow gardens, that Al Gore. In 1989 Perry became a republican. How do you go from supporting a progressive lunatic like Al Gore's bid for the Presidency to a republican? Can progressives shift to different sides of the isle? Yes they can.


As a republican Perry also supported Clinton's health care plan, a very progressive endeavor. Then again he also supported tort reform to limit malpractice lawsuits and is an opponent of the income tax, markings of a republican?

American Progressive Era 2011

In The American Progressive Era 2011, you will find many factions; Gay & Lesbian, The Nation of Islam, Green Movement (Eco-freaks), Unions, democrats, NAACP, republicans, La Raza, Neo Nazis, socialist, Marxist, and Islamic-Fascist. I'm quite aware that there is an abundance of groups not mentioned, but you get the drift. My point being that just as with every good communist coup, radicals of all stripes forge an alliance for their common good, in the case of the A.P.E 2011, the common good is the deconstruction of The United States of America.

The irony in this potpourri of angry revolutionaries is that were they to succeed and create a society from their confederation, they would soon devolve into atrocity and civil war, a destruction to the likes of which most of these people could never fathom. For instance,the gay and lesbian community who are not satisfied with simply living in a culture that acknowledges homosexuality, believing your sexual practices should remain in your home. Instead they demand their sexual preference should become a civil right, one that should be forced down the throat of us all. Even though heterosexual sex is not forced upon school aged children, gay radicals bully their agenda into academia without regard. Homosexuals rally under the banner of freedom and liberty, but do not afford that right to anyone with a differing opinion.

Coward on Parade

President Obama's official reign of terror may not exceed one term, but the horror of his Presidency will remain for generations. Read this:

TAIPEI - Bowing to Chinese pressure, the U.S. will deny Taiwan's request for 66 new F-16C/D fighter aircraft, a Taiwan Ministry of National Defense (MND) official said. "We are so disappointed in the United States," he said.
Well guess what buddy, you aren't the only one disappointed. We are at a point in history where it is to our extreme peril not to show China we have a backbone. This is only a part of the Presidents narrative, bowing to the enemy and alienating friends. The sole reason for any cohesiveness in this crazy world is America's military might. What quasi hippies, pacifist, and morons do not understand is that this is an insidious and cruel world. Since man has existed, 99% percent of the time this Earth has been ruled by force, tyranny, and injustice, this is fact, this is history.

What about Syria? This was a statement by a defector from President Al-Assad's killing machine "After seeing how they killed people, I realized that the regime is prepared to massacre everyone," Why is this murderous maniac allowed to annihilate dissenters and crush them like bugs, yet Obama hasn't shelled out 500 million tax payer dollars like he did in Libya, for humanitarian aid? Inconsistency and weakness?

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