50 Senators Vote NO on Unborn Baby Health Benefits

50 uncaring Senators last night voted to not fund health care for pregnant women AND their unborn babies, a program which President George W. Bush authorized in a change to a children's health insurance program (SCHIP) in 2002. In a mostly party-line vote, the Democratic Party -- with votes from a few liberal Republicans -- voted to cover only pregnant mothers, but not their unborn children.

As LifeNews.com reported this morning following the Senate vote, "In an ironic vote, Senate Democrats led a fight against an amendment to the SCHIP bill on Thursday night that would have helped poor pregnant women and their unborn children obtain prenatal care. They voted against restoring a program that allows states to provide help for pregnant women in difficult financial circumstances." Talk about cruel intentions. Mysteriously, both of the senators from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, voted for the Republican pro-life amendment restoring health care benefits for unborn children. Could it be that socialism trumped abortion in their vote?

Unfortunately, only 49 Senators voted to restore President Bush's program to fund health care for unborn babies. Senator Tim Johnson, Democrat from South Dakota, has been sidelined from all votes during the 110th Congress because of a stroke late last year. LifeNews.com surmises that, "The reasons for the vote likely had more to do with the politics of abortion. In 2002, President Bush authorized a change in the SCHIP program that allowed states to cover pregnant women and their babis -- and many states such as California, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Texas, Wisconsin, and Michigan -- have done so. Pro-life groups were thankful because the program provides help to vulnerable pregnant women who might have an abortion because of financial pressures. But abortion advocacy groups decried the move because they don't see an unborn child as worthy of coverage under a federal program that provides health care insurance for children after birth.

"With control of Congress, pro-abortion lawmakers have revised the program and dropped the Unborn Child Rule in favor of language saying that pregnant women can be covered, but not their babies. Senator Wayne Allard, a Colorado Republican, attempted to include unborn children again, but his amendment was defeated Thursday on a 50-49 mostly party-line vote."

LifeNews.Com is absolutely right. This stand by the Democrats is all about politics. The actions by the Democrat-controlled Congress this week -- before they leave for yet another long 4-week vacations -- proves once again that elections have consequences.

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