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Instead of FOCA we should support a CCCA (Christian Coalition Choice Act)

Fellow CCs,
I certainly sympathize with the importance put on human lives and the need to protect their rights from creation to the afterlife. All this talk of protecting new humans entry to the planet makes me think of also protecting their quality of life once they get here. One thing that we (and they) WILL have to face through life's journey is whether there is enough of our earthly delights to go around. Enough to meet their needs and the needs of all others that come after? Will our children have clean water to keep their bodies healthy? Will there be enough healthy food to go around? And, the big question, how many of us will this earth created by the Lord carry?

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Why believe everything?

No doubt the news media is a poor tool for seeking the best
information on any subject. A mistake commonly made, and to the media's
advantage, is the assumption on the part of the viewer that the viewer
is getting a balanced story. This usually couldn't be further from the

If you are upset with the recent polls referenced by the
media then you are letting yourself get upset with one poll from one
media source. Is it correct? Does it represent the American people? Is
it valid, reliable, and balanced? Chances are probably not. Please
don't make the mistake of assuming, like most, that what you see or
hear is reality. What we really are seeing is the news corporation's
efforts to make things reality by advertising them to you.

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Our livilihoods

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New Formula

At the turn of the 20th century, rhetoric was a discipline recognized by many educational institutions not only for its importance in helping individuals get a point across in casual conversation but, also as a tool for advertising, and social influence through the new and ubiquitous radios and, later, television. This tool was widely used but the term "rhetoric" and its educational departments gradually and silently amalgamated into marketing, general philosophy, ethics, sociology and theology. The ideas were the same but the language to describe this form of persuasion had changed. This is recontextualization.

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