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"Senator" Boxer, For the record Cap and Trade would not eliminate Hurricanes

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Barney Franks and contempt of the first amendment

Barney Franks says here, using his bully pulpit to launch accusations at those who disagree with President, that it is contempt of the first amendment to protest in such a way that could offend. Do you hear that code pink, Peta, Palin and Bush haters - Do you hear that News week, Moveon.org and Huffington post - Do you hear that MSNBC - Do you hear that Hollywood.

I do see contempt for the first amendment by many who support the health care Obamination, To not even allow be allowed to speak by those who they represent them; To accuse them of causing the problem, which they do not support with facts, and telling them to take a back seat - paraphrased using nicer terms.

On the issue of Political Correctness; I am sorry here but some people are offended by truth - I've never seen a liar not offended by the truth. My God calls me to speak the truth - If that puts me in jail so be it. Political Correctness does not work.

Glenn Beck, Jeremiah Wright's Good works are defendable, Not his "Social Justice" services.

As a dad, I know the joy of a family, and I know the pain of a family when there is discord and members work against each other. I know the love a father has for his children, and his son. I do not know the pain of sacrificing ones son - I do not think I could bear it, nor do I know the pain of discord in the body of the Church felt by our father - Who's love is so great.

The defense for Jeremiah Wright is his 30 years of good works, not his God D--- America Church service. A Christian should not sit in a Church building quietly while such statements are being made - using God name to curse does not Glorify God. Good works in the name of Jesus do. His need for defense came about because the primary race brought him into the public discord. Jeremiah Wright was not going after political ambitions or political power, he was not working as a political figure to pushing a political agenda; He was not involved in changing the policies of the Federal Government - Disagreement with yes, involvement with the President no.

Glenn Beck recently made comments about Social Justice; From the context it is clear he was thinking of Jeremiah Wright, he clearly used Wright's name; But a quotation out of context can be made. I would go farther than Glenn and say if services do not educate or glorify God then one should look for other services.

Exodus 20:3 "You shall have no other gods before me"

Taxing A Recession, New Taxes in Budget, New Taxes in Healthcare, Record Debt and Government Spending.

You can not spend your way out of a recession has been said enough times that now Obama may just consider it a "talking point." Reducing the cost of health care for seniors has also become an old talking point of the 2008 elections. Now taxing a recession is becoming a talking point.

The realities that increasing costs for businesses to hire employees will make them not hire employees has escape those who have faith in their President; They need to place their faith in God not Obama.

Ironically AARP Forum RE Massa: We know about the bribes.

Many of the basic facts are across the internet. I think a fair statement would be "You can not fire me! I quit."

AARP Forum

We know about the bribes. How about the blackmail & smear campaigns that have covnveniently happened to politicians that would oppose Obama administration? NY govenor was smeared right after he refused to not run. A few dems had initial smear stories on MSNBC that were not followed up after the targeted legislators voted with party the next week. And in case you missed it Maddow started on Fri. smear of Stupak. Will Stupak stay the course & vote his convictions and get smeared or will he bow to blackmail & story will disappear?

The interview on Glenn Beck was not from a man with a lot of fight left in him. No sign of the nobel reasons to be in public office. While he wants to retain his standards - which he said he did not while in office - he does not represent that others have those standards; no demands from him that they should.

CBS Glorifies Obama for Christian Compassion!

Hat Tip NewsBusters

Near the end of Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Erica Hill touted a new Parade magazine survey on volunteerism in America: "it indicates America is in the midst of what some are calling a compassion boom." Moments later, the magazine's contributing editor, Emily Listfield, argued: "There's something we call the 'Obama Effect.' People are responding to the President's call to service."

The contrast with the truth I believe is all that need be said.

Forgive Barbara Boxer but vote her out of office

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Forgiving does not mean to hold up somebody who has shown poor judgment and offer excuses for their poor judgment to positions were they will use their judgment. It is possible for people to learn from their mistakes and learn - It is also possible for people not to learn and continue to make them.

It is possible for pro-choice advocates to change; And, that is a great thing; But, Barbara Boxer has not changed. Boxer voted to block Stupak amendment, and against other amendments from representatives of the people, that stop tax payer funding of abortion. If life were on a scale (it is not) between two evils - her position would be to the extreme on the right to kill side. Forgiving does not mean allowing somebody to continue to kill.

The Congress are voted on by the people to represent the people - Boxer does not even know who the people are!

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The Demonization of #teaparty – Prov 26:4 or Prov 26:5

Jules Crittenden post today - Crazy Shooter Identity

Admit it. One of the first things that goes through your head when you hear about another crazy shooter incident is … “Mohammed or Billy Bob?” Islamic extremist nutcase or homegrown ultra right-wing nutjob? What name are the cops going to release? Which side, politically, is going to say “Told you so.”

Hat Tip to Talk Wisdom for locating the post.

Legal Insurrection is also on top of it:

Despite their worst intentions, the people who try to tie every act of violence to the Tea Party movement are going to have trouble spinning the Pentagon shooting by J. Patrick Bedell.

It has become pretty clear pretty quickly that Bedell sufferred from Bush Derangement Syndrome, and was a 9/11 Truther, just like 35% of Democrats as of May 2007.

But that's not to say the left-wing blogosphere will not try to spin this into something it is not (image right).

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Reconciliation: The Tyranny of Reid’s Majority

People who are pushing for Pelosicare, Reidcare or Obamacare will say reconciliation is a good and moral practice. They will site "Great" presidents who have used it. Or will they? Nobody printed on the US dollar has used it. Nobody who face is on a mountain has used it. No these people who are so honored warned against the tyranny of the majority and set in place protections against it - The 2/3rds rule. Reconciliation has been used to remove spending. It has been used to introduce changes to legislation. It has never been used to make massive changes in Government. Our greatest leaders never used it - Why would they? They were leaders not dictators.

2/3rds can be a difficult number. It is required to change the constitution or remove a president. Reconciliation was created to allow the congress to act quicker on small maters of state to prevent a filibuster. A filibuster requires 2/3rds to end it - It can be used at anytime but it is rarely used.

Our leaders have decided that 2/3rds may not be required to change 1/6th of our economy and impose a federal requirement that people must purchase insurance.


We have the solution to social illnesses - The Great Commision - PSALM ONE -- Fruit of the SPIRIT

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Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night.

He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,

That brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper. (Psalm 1:1-3)

But the fruit of the SPIRIT is...

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

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