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There’s No Such Thing as a “Self-Radicalized” Islamic Terrorist

Excerpt from http://aclj.org/jihad/self-radicalized-islamic-terrorist?sf33166567=1

Each of these incidents have been described as being carried out by a “self-radicalized” lone wolf terrorist.

Yet there is no such thing, and the label, more than mere semantics, trivializes and belies the reality we face.

In each of these instances, individuals who have prominently displayed their radical Islamic jihadist ideology on their social media or in other ways have undertaken horrific terrorist acts on prominent symbols of the West, soldiers and police officers.

ACLJ petition - Not One More Dime for Persecution

ACLJ started a petition 8 days ago to end the giving tax dollars to nations that pesecute Christians.

Eight billion dollars.That's roughly the amount of money U.S. taxpayers have paid Pakistan as it persecutes Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five sentenced to die for her faith.

The petition is online here http://aclj.org/persecuted-church/stop-paying-for-persecution?sf33166600=1

Obamacare ... a Doctor's conscience on abortion ... Lois Capps

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It has made the rounds that Obamacare will treat abortion like any
other surgery. Or should I say like any other surgery that takes place
in a clinic. It is not exactly treated like tonsils in that if there is
nothing wrong with your tonsils you would be sent home with some pain
pills. You can not go into the doctors office and ask them to take out
your appendix because you don't want it and have the taxpayers pay for

has also made the rounds on the internet that Mount Sinai Hospital
ordered a nurse to assist in a late-term abortion against her willClearly if Obamacare goes through it would be legal for a Doctor or Nurse to use conscience to not assist in the execution of a mass murder who was convicted by trial but unable to use conscience or their fear of God to not end the life of a baby.

Stand out as indeed !!! A child of God!

Art is one of the foundations of our society; One picture is worth a thousand words. The Great Commission is for us to bring God's word to others. Art can indeed help us with this commission.

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GOD-ad: always one at at time

Speak up. Stand up. Be counted as a messenger for GOD -- be a walking advertisement for THE ONE!

Make a difference -- wherever you are, with whoever you meet, whenever the SPIRIT of GOD engineers the moment for sharing the Good News. Provide that door for the SPIRIT to open up so that others may hear His Message.

Be a part of the solution -- unobtrusively, yet stylishly. Sow a seed of Light in a darkened soul. Wear the double-edged sword, trusting His Word will not return void.

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Is Obama considering a gay “biased, prejudiced” judge?

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The New Republic ran this article "A Gay Supreme Court Justice?" on May 6th; And, they name names. This is not the only article concerning nominating a judge who will have a prejudices to rule in favor of Gay rights, a few moments on google will tell you that.

So what does a good judge look like? Well they should not make a decision on the legal case before them until they consider both sides. A position of a judge is not to rule over public policy:

* They do not get involved unless their is a disagreement between people or groups of people.
* They do not have the ability to set up a committee to research what a policy position would do.
* They have no method to be politically active to promote an idea.

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Pray for Venessa Mills' Children to be allowed homeschooling

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WorldNetDaily broke the story today 3-12-09; The situation is a judge Ned Mangum has ruled Venessa Mills' children must go to a Government public school. Mangum conceded he was putting his judgment in place of the mother's.

Adam Cothes, a spokesman for the mother, said the children routinely had been testing at up to two years above their grade level, were involved in swim team and other activities and events outside their home and had taken leadership roles in history club events.

The judge, when contacted by WND, explained his goal in ordering the children to register and attend a public school was to make sure they have a "more well-rounded education." Court order says, "The children have thrived in homeschool for the past four years, but need the broader focus and socialization available to them in public school."

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Electrician Quits Repairs On Nebraska Abortion Clinic In Response To Calls

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Now there are those who will argue that a person, a doctor or pharmacist. can not refuse services to somebody who wants to kill an unborn child (an abortion). Often they use arguments to attempt to bring the person to talk about how he feels, not the issue, followed by an ad hominem of calling him a hypocrite.. This is much like asking Obama if he believes that POW are a burden on an army and calling him a hypocrite.

Arguments against allowing a person to have and use his conscience often go to the point of he should not be in that line of employment. That the requirement of being a doctor is the same as a soldier - do as you are told, kill when you are told - or should I say farther than a soldier who can justify is work because he is not killing an innocent life. He is killing somebody who is trying to kill him, Killing a child is like gassing POWs.

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It is not to late to write your representative

The stimulus votes are over and they have been counted, many people did not have the opportunity to get involved. The bill was passed before many could read it. Much of the spending takes place years from now, however don't hold onto the hope that this spending will be stopped.

The 1000 plus page stimulus bill was given an emergency status by Democratic leaders such that it was voted on in less than 24 hours from being made available (it was published in the dark of night before it was voted on in the morning). A fully searchable version may still not be available as some of the agreements between the house and the senate were hand written not typed on what was published on rules.house.gov

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Information for your call to stop Eric Holder

People who support our right given by our creator to self defense as
provided by the Second Amendment, are making an effort to stop Holder,
"this civil liberties nightmare is intended as our next attorney
general ought to scare all of us - enough to motivate our personal and
sustained involvement in opposing him." [1] The testimony of Dr.
Stephen P. Halbrook bring up serious concerns, of Holders in upholding
the rights of the second amendment and his obligation to support this
right before the court; However his career shows that he numerous times argue that people don't have a second amendment right. [2]

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