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Please take hold of this prayer and stand in the gap for America now!

Taking dominion in Prayer for our Nation!

Thus saith the Lord:

Vote Your Conscience

Millions watch Obama and McCain answer to a recent 60 Minutes program

The undecided are beginning to weigh in after Obama's interview on 60 Minutes. Steve Kroft's interview with Obama spoke volumes of his inability to stay the course when pressured to answer the many questions. One such question was, what qualifies him to be the President? The young man showed to be nervously distressed as he awkwardly struggled to answer without the aid of his notebook or teleprompter, but eventually referred to his beliefs...?! Questions concerning America's problems were never found in Obama, as he clumsily danced his way through the questions as an unprepared student. Will American really swallow Obama's hype when we need definitive answers that can only come from GOD?

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Voters regardless of political affiliation

August 29, 2008

McCain Won’t Rule Out Pro-choice Running Mate

August 27, 2008 The Weekly Standard reports: McCain Won’t Rule Out Pro-choice Running Mate


Voters and Evangelical supporters alike are rightfully jumping ship,
as McCain is willing to elect a Vice President who condones free choice
in the murdering unborn children!

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