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The time is right for Christian Coalition supporters and allies to step forward to promote energy independence initiatives.  Taking responsibility to care for God's creation and protecting the future of our children and grandchildren is a core family value.  Further delays in action will impact our national security, our economic security, and our family security.

We believe that an all-American "comprehensive" approach is needed.  We can create clean energy jobs by building and using made-in-America technologies to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and work towards a much more diversified and secure energy future.

The Christian Coalition will advocate for solutions based on two central principles:

•1.    We should take action now with solutions that tap American innovation.  American inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers should be the leaders in a global transformation towards the development of more secure energy choices.

•2.    We believe that we can better ensure our national security and strengthen our economy at the same time by developing American energy resources and investing in clean, renewable energy technologies that create American jobs.

Helping America and its Families

We believe that all families should have access to renewable and alternative energy sources, as well more energy efficient cars, trucks and household appliances, in order to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  Cost-effective policies should be enacted at the state, local and federal levels to accelerate a free-market shift to a cleaner, cheaper energy future.

U.S. leadership and technology innovation can spur global progress and grow our economy, as we seek opportunities to export "made-in-America" clean energy technologies throughout the world.  Long term solutions however must have participation from all countries, including China and India.

Resolving to Take Action

As conservatives, we stand up for our country's national security and the health of our economy.  And, as Christians, we recognize the Biblical mandate to care for God's creation and protect our children's future.

The cornerstone of the Christian Coalition's work will be education.  Knowledge is the key to addressing these complex issues.

Homegrown energy will make America more secure

By Roberta Combs

Those who would lead America must commit to making our nation stronger — both economically and in terms of national security. And that means making the United States more energy independent.

At the Christian Coalition, we believe that developing American energy resources — including increasing efficiency and rolling out renewable, home-grown energy projects — will boost national security while creating American jobs. That is what brought us to the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Carmel last week (Saturday, Oct. 29) — together with U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar; Adm. John Nathman, who served as Vice Chief of Naval Operations; and the Indiana Wildlife Federation — for a breakfast program on national security and the future of America’s energy policy.

Right now, the United States sends about a billion dollars a day to other countries to pay for what former President George W. Bush called our “addiction to oil.” Much of that money goes to countries that do not share our values. Some of the money goes to regimes that we would consider our enemies. There is evidence some of it ends up in the pockets of terrorists, and even funding our troops’ opponents on the battlefield.

Our over-dependence on foreign oil affects what we can and cannot do in the world. It also siphons money from America’s struggling economy and sends it elsewhere. And it drives up the trade deficit, forcing us to borrow yet more money from China.

Now is the time to break our dependence on foreign oil. But more domestic supply alone cannot solve the problem. The United States uses about a quarter of the world’s oil, but only controls 2 to 3 percent of the Earth’s known petroleum reserves, and we cannot drill enough at home to bridge that gap.

If we want to build a stronger economy and a stronger nation, we need a comprehensive, “made in America” approach. That means everything from domestic oil and natural gas, to nuclear power, bio-fuels, wind, solar and geothermal — home grown energy that will not run out, and that puts Americans to work while returning dollars to our own economy.

The United States has tremendous potential in all of these areas, but to be the worldwide leader and ensure American national security and increase jobs, we must do everything we can to tap that potential. If we don’t, other countries will — and we don’t want to go from being dependent on foreign oil to being dependent on foreign-made energy technologies.

Through an initiative called “America’s Path to Progress,” the Christian Coalition is calling for greater energy independence. Our nation’s economic growth, national security, and clean air are all dependent on our nation’s energy policies — and for the sake of American families, we need to do a better job powering our country.

As conservatives, we stand up for our country’s national security and the health of our economy.   And, as Christians, we recognize the biblical mandate to care for God’s creation and protect our children’s future.

We join a multitude of American voices raised in support of efficiency and next-generation energy sources. Veterans and national security groups, business organizations, public health groups—all understand the importance of what is at stake.

If those running for office this election cycle want our votes, they must recognize the importance of greater energy independence. We need a “made in America” approach to developing energy resources — one that leads to energy security, cleaner air, and more jobs. We need to build a more secure energy future for all American families.

Take the America's Path to Progress Survey

We are conducting a survey of Christian Coalition supporters around the country on one of the most important issues that our country faces today, and we need your input.

It is imperative that political and opinion leaders in Washington understand in no uncertain terms that Americans are keenly aware of this nation's problems with its energy policies and that we expect and deserve better leadership on this issue.

While your responses will be kept confidential, the results will be used to send a clear signal to those in positions of influence as to how politically active Christians feel about these important issues.

So please complete the survey today and add your voice to thousands of other politically active Christians.

Capitol Hill Roundtable Discussion on Energy
Washington, DC

Christian Coalition of America President Roberta Combs opens up the Capitol Hill Roundtable Discussion on Energy

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

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Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)

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Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD 6th District)

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Larry Schweiger - President, National Wildlife Federation

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Ambassador C. Boyden Gray

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Energy VFW Breakfast

America's Path to Progress Energy Forum

Senator Paul Campbell

Gladys Spann, one of Christian Coalition's most senior members, attending energy forum


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