Stop the Health Care Takeover!

Fellow conservative,

Just a few votes in Congress. That's all that stands in the way of a drastic government takeover of our nation's health care system.

Barack Obama and the liberals in Congress are pushing hard for legislation that would implement a massive experimental scheme to "reform" health care. And if we don't rise up in massive opposition soon, they might succeed!

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Their proposed reform scheme would:

  • Mandate taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Limit our choice of doctors
  • Cause heath care costs to skyrocket - followed by tax increases
  • Kill American jobs
  • Provide healthcare to illegal aliens, while rationing care to elderly and disabled American citizens 
  • Cause millions of Americans to lose their current insurance, forcing them on the government plan
  • Make it illegal to buy or sell individual insurance plans

Unless Americans take action immediately, this bill could become law in just a few months! But we can stop it. We simply must stand together and speak out with an overwhelming voice and say "NO"!

We can demand reform that focuses on empowering personal choice and freedom - not government!

Click here to join our campaign today and say "YES" to real solutions. And tell Congress "NO" to a government takeover of health care!

We have set up a new Health Care Action Center on our website that centralizes key facts and action items to keep you informed throughout the health care debate.

Please take this information and pass it on to others. And follow the links to add your voice to our petition and speak out to your members of Congress.

Remember, only a few votes in Congress stand in the way of this "reform" becoming a reality.

Thank you for taking action with us!

Visit our Action Center and get involved today!

Roberta Combs, President