Republicans Need to Bring an ObamaCare Defunding Bill for Vote on House Floor

After being out of control of the United States House of Representatives for almost a half-century, the Republicans in Congress gave the American voters a reason to vote for them in 1994:  the Contract With America.  Christian Coalition activists helped get elected many of the new members of the House of Representatives in 1994 who were determined to cut the massive federal government; reform government and give the American people, including small businesses, tax cuts which grew the economy.  The conservative and pro-family grassroots went to the polls in massive numbers and the Republicans  --  after being out of power for nearly a half-century in the House of Representatives  --  became the new majority party in Congress.

For a number of years, the Republicans fulfilled many of the promises made to Americans who voted for them:  major tax cuts; a good start in cutting government programs; welfare reform which encouraged (forced) welfare recipients to get off welfare and get jobs, etc. Indeed, the Republicans who controlled the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Newt Gingrich, actually shut down the government about three times to force the other party, led by President Bill Clinton, into finally accepting some cuts in federal spending, including passage of the historic welfare reform legislation.

Contrary to the spin in Washington D.C., the Republican Party was not hurt by the shut-downs.  Indeed, the Republicans gained seats in the Senate after the shut-downs and kept their majority in the House of Representatives.  The Gingrich/Clinton welfare reform law got up to 60% of those on welfare off of welfare and into the workplace.

After 12 years of Republican control of Congress, the Democrats returned to power in 2006, and promptly intitiated massive spending programs including a nearly trillion dollar “stimulus” to the economy which utimately failed.  Then the president forced the United States Congress to pass one of the worst pieces of legislation  --  if not the worst  -- in American history:  ObamaCare, hated by the American people. 

The overreaching by Obama, Pelosi and her counterpart in the Senate, Harry Reid, in 2009 and 2010, caused a huge uprising amongst the American people who, for the most part, hated the idea of socialized medicine/redistribution of wealth which ObamaCare offered.  Indeed, close to 90% of the American people were happy with their health care plans and wanted to keep their own doctors.  Now, as Sean Hannity repeatedly reports almost every night on Fox News, the costs of healthcare insurance has sky-rocketed and is expected to cost 160% more in the state of California, for example.

Again, in 2010, there was a land-mark election in which the American people, and specifically, the supporters of the Tea Party  --  including countless Christian Coalition activists  --  swept the Democrats out of control of the House of Representatives and the voters gave the Republicans an astounding pick-up of 62 seats for a total of 241 seats and a gain of 6 seats in the United States Senate. The overwhelming majority of the new Republicans were voted into office because of their promises to do everything they could do get rid of the hated ObamaCare, which has become even more unpopular with the American people since its passage.

Voting to just repeal ObamaCare  --  some 40 times in the House of Representatives  --  does not matter much to the American people.  Defunding ObamaCare in the House of Representatives will matter, because it will give the House Republicans some leverage in negotiating with the Democrat-controlled Senate.

And that is why supporters of Christian Coalition of America need to contact their Representatives and urge them to demand a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives on legislation to defund ObamaCare.

The House of Representatives is the chamber which the Founders gave the responsibility to originate spending bills to fund the federal government.  The Republican-controlled House of Representatives does have leverage and sending a bill to the United States Senate  --  regardless of what the Senate does with the bill  --  to defund ObamaCare will be a sign to the American people that the Republicans are really serious.

Republican members of Congress (and Democrat members who want to address the serious concerns by their constituents over ObamaCare) need to vote for a Continuing Resolution (CR)   --   which funds 1/3 of the federal government  --   that has a provision to defund ObamaCare.  The current CR expires on September 30.

Supporters of Christian Coalition need to call the United States Capitol Building switchboard  (202-225-3121) and ask for their Representatives to demand a vote for a Continuing Resolution in September which will defund ObamaCare.