A great way to celebrate

As we prepare to celebrate our country's Independence Day, I want to encourage you to join us in doing one of the most important things that we can do as Christian Americans:

Registering other Christians to vote.

Statistics have shown that only about half of all self-identified Christians are actually registered, which means that they have no voice in our government.

You can help change that by hosting a "Citizenship Sunday" and registering others in your church to vote.

Click here to learn how to get involved.

If Christian Americans are going to be able to make a difference on the issues we care about, we simply must participate in the civic process - and registering to vote is the most basic step.

In honor of Independence Day, I urge you to participate and give everyone in your church an easy opportunity to register to vote and have an impact for our shared values at the ballot box.

When you visit the Citizenship Sunday section of our website you will find:

  • Links to your state's voter registration forms and information
  • Tips on how to conduct a voter registration drive in your church
  • "DOs and "DON'Ts" for political activity in churches


If you haven't committed to conducting a Citizenship Sunday in your church, I urge you to click here and learn how to do so today.

Also, please take a moment to help us spread the word by posting a message on Facebook and encouraging others to participate.

Remember, if Christians are not registered to vote, they cannot vote.  If they do not vote, they do not count!


Roberta Combs, President & CEO
Christian Coalition of America

PS.  You can also help us promote registering fellow conservative Christians to vote by clicking here and making a contribution today.