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President Donald Trump blocked a recent State Department effort to force Israel to return $75 million in military aid, the department’s most recent attempt to erode the U.S.-Israel military alliance. State’s demand was shocking, but it shouldn’t be surprising. 

Rex Tillerson's State Department has been embroiled in a power struggle with the White House, thwarting its efforts to remove Obama holdovers - and Trump nominees from filling open staff positions. 

But long before Obama appointees clogged Trump's efforts to drain the swamp, previous administrations dealt with State Department undertow. Generally conflicts between DOS and the White House, Congress and the courts, are turf wars over who controls foreign policy.  This dynamic has plagued several administrations - and impacted U.S. relations with Israel.

Anti-Semitism has lurked in State’s corridors for decades, and under the guise of diplomacy, has used subversive or covert tactics to manipulate foreign policy. Despite pressure from his State Department, Herbert Hoover defended the concept of a Jewish state; and under Franklin D. Roosevelt, DOS-mandated immigration policy “severely limited” German Jewish immigration during the Holocaust, and visas for Jewish refugees in Vichy France, according to Rafael Medoff, founding director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies. Harry S. Truman stood against his State Department by supporting Israel’s establishment in 1948—while behind his back an undersecretary threatened to “foment anti-Semitism that could destroy the fledgling Jewish government’s support base in the U.S.” unless Zionist leaders caved to his demands, Medoff said.

The State Department is still working to undermine and intimidate Israel. Recently, it hosted the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, an umbrella of American Muslim groups such as the anti-Israel, pro-BDS, American Muslims for Palestine. The meeting’s announcement on AMP’s website expressed “concern” about “Israel's denial of religious rights for Muslims and Christians.” Israel is the sole country in the Middle East that protects the rights of all religions—Muslims, Christians, Jews and Druze. USCMO secretary general Oussama Jammal remarked the group was encouraged by “the constructive dialogue at the State Department.”

The Center for Security Policy warned in 2015 that USCMO leads the Islamic Movement in the United States “in pursuit of Civilization Jihad.” Jammal, who has a track record of seeking out strategic relationships with the U.S. government on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, is connected to Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, a Marxist-Leninist organization “dedicated to revolution in America,” CSP said.  Another nip at Israel’s heels is the just-released State Department 2016 Country Reports on Terrorism. The report blames Israel for Palestinian terrorism against Israelis, citing the Palestinians’ “lack of hope” in the peace process. Tillerson’s report whitewashes Palestinian Authority leaders’ incitement of violence and financial support for terrorists. It also defines PA calls for terrorism and violence against Israelis as "rare,” and says the PA leadership “does not generally tolerate it.” 

In response, Rep. Peter Roskam, co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, sent a letter to Tillerson noting “harmful mischaracterizations” in the report that impair the peace process. “To effectively combat terrorism,” he wrote, the United States must “accurately characterize its root cause—the PA leadership … and clarify … Palestinian support for terrorism as the leading impediment to Israeli-Palestinian peace."

In a strike against the heart of its own republic, a senior State Department contracting officer tried to silence two security contractors disturbed by deteriorating security at the U.S. Embassy in Libya prior to the tragic 2012 attack, a recent Fox News report revealed. The officer also asked the contractors to publically agree with State that “guards should not be armed at U.S. embassies” and “they weren't required in Benghazi.” Those responsible for the lapses and cover-up in Libya are still in place, the contractors said.

The State Department has more than 300 embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions around the world. In a healthy democracy that’s not under siege, this would be an indicator of positive national influence through diplomacy. But in a government divided against itself, it’s dangerous—not only for the U.S.-Israel alliance, but also for the future of American foreign policy.

This mammoth organization endangers the democratic process by collaborating with a Deep State—reminiscent of dictatorships with democratic facades. By breaching public trust with secrecy, veiled threats and disregard of human life—including its own—it demonstrates moral compromise and disregard for the democratic process. Unless the Trump Administration can rein it this rogue department, it endangers America and puts our allies at risk. Trump must unclog and drain the swamp before another debacle—or tragedy—occurs.



On the road to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s brave new world economy, democratic educational systems are speed bumps. To remove these obstacles, UNESCO has devised a compulsory global education scheme that exploits and politicizes how and what the next generation will learn—thus molding compliant “global citizens.” 

UNESCO’s Constitution describes one of its primary roles as spreading knowledge to the world, and giving a “fresh impulse to education.” But there’s a sting—UNESCO’s state-controlled, global education plan is subservient to its overarching aim for world monetary control—the New International Economic Order or NIEO. 

The NIEO “sacrifices education” to redistributing developed, industrial nations’ wealth and resources to underdeveloped nations, said former policy advisor Thomas G. Gulick.  The new monetary system is a planned, socialist world economy under the jurisdiction of a U.N. economic “superagency.” U.S. and Western industrial nations would finance this “global welfare state.” In short, Gulick said, “NIEO appears to be UNESCO’s hidden agenda.”


Education to sustain the NIEO  

This agenda has been long in the making. In the ’70s, Director General Amadou-Mahtar M’Bow targeted UNESCO’s education and social science sectors as the “main focus” to achieve the NIEO. Thus, politicization gradually permeated all UNESCO sectors, Gulick said.

The NEIO was established in 1974 by a U.N. General Assembly resolution. Though updated in 2011, “not very much” changed, said professors Vinod Aggarwal and Steve Weber for the Harvard Business Review; “NIEO demands … are almost exactly the same as Supachai Panitchpakdi, head of UNCTAD, [called] for” in 2012—a global financial system to benefit the poor. 


The prickly issue of sovereignty 

The NIEO rejects all sovereignty but its own. Presenting the “roadmap for global education” in 2015, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova said: “We…entrust UNESCO …to lead … the Education agenda ….to reach our ambitious goal by 2030.” Within this framework, “globalized schools worldwide must reshape children’s values to create “global citizens.” 

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development describes children and youth as “critical agents of change” to implement “the new global order.”  To this end, teacher trainees study NIEO, human rights, and situational-ethics lessons plans; the latter asserts decisions should be based on circumstances, not fixed principles. It rejects absolute moral principles such as G-d, or good and evil— ruling out most precepts of Judaism and Christianity. 


Indoctrinating Young Minds: Scientific Humanism 

Starting in the early ’70s, UNESCO books and publications explored the idea of a new educational order based on scientific humanism. This view rejects all religious beliefs in a divine person or creed; it was slammed as “the breeding ground of intolerance,” by educational psychologist W. D. Wall.  

In brief, UNESCO educational literature advises parents not to teach their children religious moral principles, which Wall labels “moral indoctrination.” This goes hand in hand with UN advocacy of mandatory sex education for children, beginning in pre-kindergarten. 


Eroding moral foundations 

According to a previous Fox News report, the UN recommends that children 5 to 8 be taught about gender violence and self-touch satisfaction. By 9, they'll learn about aphrodisiacs, homophobia, transphobia and abuse of power; at 12, contraception, and by age 15, “safe” abortions. Thus, the state usurps parents’ rights to teach their children about moral choices and sex.


‘Dry rot in academia’ 

What’s happening on U.S. campuses is a microcosm of UNESCO’s threat facing the world. Economist Thomas Sowell sounded the alarm on “the intellectual and moral dry rot” that spreads wherever “the groupthink of the left substitutes for education.”

Exposing students to different viewpoints was once thought a valuable part of education; “but that was before academia – and the education system – became a monopoly of the political left,” he said. Regardless of whose views become a monopoly, education—and our children—suffer. Reducing Western democracies’ support to an organization committed to the destruction of their economies and education is surely part of the remedy. 


Christian Coalition of America commends Senators Lindsey Graham, R-SC; Bill Cassidy, M.D., R-LA; Ron Johnson, M.D., R-WI; and Dean Heller, R-NV for introducing their Obamacare Repeal/Replace legislation. 

Roberta Combs, President and CEO, said: “Christian Coalition of America, with millions of supporters, strongly supports the Graham-Cassidy-Johnson-Heller Obamacare Repeal/Replace legislation which will fulfill a major Republican campaign promise once President Donald Trump signs it into law which he has promised to do.   The bill has major tax cuts as it eliminates the onerous individual and employer mandates.  It also returns funding to the 50 states as well as defunding Planned Parenthood." 

As reported yesterday: The GOP-controlled Senate has just 15 days to repeal and replace Obamacare without Democratic support. Republicans have sought to pass a health-care bill through the budget reconciliation process, which requires only 51 votes to advance a bill to a final vote. But the budget resolution passed earlier this year gave Republicans reconciliation privileges only until the end of the fiscal year, Sept. 30.

“…The Graham-Cassidy repeal-and-replace bill would reapply the principle contained in the Hyde Amendment that abortion is not health care and should not be subsidized.

The measure essentially would provide states authority to design their own health-insurance systems. It would keep some of Obamacare’s regulations and taxes in place but redirect taxpayer funding away from organizations that provide abortions, such as Planned Parenthood.

It would also eliminate Obamacare mandates requiring most Americans to have some kind of health insurance or face a fine, as well as the requirement that forces large employers to offer health coverage to workers or pay a penalty.”




It’s time for member states to take a hard look at UNESCO—and discern the growing gulf between its actions and the noble precepts of its Constitution and the UN charter. Despite its public commitment to justice, the rule of law and human rights, “without distinction of race, sex, language or religion,” UNESCO strips these rights solely from Israel and denies its religious heritage, history, and legitimacy as the nation state of the Jewish people. UNESCO’s “unrestricted pursuit of objective truth,” and commitment to preserve the historic heritage of all world cultures excludes Israel.

Recent resolutions supporting contrived Palestinian claims to Jewish history, land and heritage are part of the UN’s anti-Zionist track record. Despite the legacy of the 1922 League of Nations Mandate and 1947 Resolution 181, anti-Semitism steadily increased as UN membership swelled. By 1967, the tide had turned. In 1975, Ugandan dictator Idi Amin called for Israel’s “expulsion from the United Nations and the extinction of Israel as a State” and this was to a standing ovation. Also under Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, a former Nazi officer, Resolution 3379 equated Zionism with racism.

Yet neither anti-Semitism nor Muslim majorities suffice to explain this organization’s hatred of Israel—unless also seen through the lens of encroaching globalism.

"The task before UNESCO,” said its first Director-General Julian Huxley in 1946, is “the emergence of a single world culture” by transferring "full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization.”

The “new world order” will be a socialist, authoritarian global government and court with “global rule of law” and a “one-world economy,” according to the Commission for Global Governance.

The Obama Administration provides an example of leftist globalists in action. Bankrolled by billionaire George Soros, and using the radical social-manipulation “rules” of Obama mentor Saul Alinsky, the Left exploits groups like Black Lives Matter as “agents of change” to help usher in their new world order. They fund and direct radical groups to sow chaos and division by politicizing leftist targets such as police by labeling them as “racist.”

“The black community is in a grave situation and they are being exploited and manipulated by the liberal left,” said African-American Vanderbilt University law professor Carol Swain.  

In the same way, UN globalists manipulate the Palestinians. They play the “racism” card to incite chaos, division and attacks against Israeli police and soldiers—just like in Ferguson, MO. Their strategy: foment societal disruption so as to undermine democratic foundations—then step in and take over.

The Globalist agenda also includes the establishment of a one-world religion which means the political globalists have a religious arm. The UN is riddled with New Agers, occultists and others who consider freedom of religion hostile to New Age global harmony.

Former UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller told the San Jose Mercury that religious fundamentalism's "inflexible belief systems … play an incendiary role in global conflicts.” There’ll be no peace without “taming fundamentalism through a United Religion that professes faithfulness only to global spirituality,” he said.

On two counts, Israel is a thorn in the side of one-world globalists. First, Zionism is Israel’s call as the nation state of the Jewish people; its Jewish identity, history, and defensible borders are integral to its survival. As Israel's former U.N. Ambassador Chaim Herzog declared: “The key to understanding Zionism lies in its name. ‘Mount Zion’ is the place where God dwells according to the Bible. Jerusalem or Zion is where the Lord is King…. "Zion" grew … to mean the whole ... Jewish homeland, symbolic of ... Jewish national aspirations.”

Second, though Israel supports freedom of worship for all residents, including Christians and Muslims, the Jewish religion reveres G-d—not a New Age, cultic pantheon. In Deuteronomy, Moses conveyed Israel’s calling to “a people holy (“separate”) to the Lord your G-d. Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession.”

From cradle to grave Muslims are taught to hate Jews.  It’s instilled in them to believe that peace will come only when every Jew is removed from off the face of the earth but it wasn’t always this way.  

Back when Mohammed was first crafting the religion known today as Islam, he sought validation and acceptance from Jews and also from Christians as he had been rejected by his own tribe.  He believed that by aligning with the other two Abrahamic faiths he would then be embraced by his own people but things did not turn out as he had hoped.  The Jews allowed Mohammed to move into their territory but did not embrace his new religion.  This rejection greatly angered Mohammed thus the Jews became his mortal enemies. Shortly thereafter, Mohammed’s lifestyle became that of a warrior embracing vengeance, violence and terror. So while there are many today who claim that Muslim hatred for Jews started when the State of Israel was re-born in 1948, this is not true. Since the 7th century the religion of Islam has commanded Muslims to hate and kill Jews wherever they may be found.

Mohammed made sure his hatred of Jews was put into his holy book called the Quran.  This “holy book” contains a litany of passages and versus which guide the conduct and attitude of Muslims toward each other and collectively toward all non-Muslims which, of course, includes Jews and Christians. With Islam being called the “religion of peace,” why is there no peace in the Middle East and why has every act of terror been perpetrated by those who embrace Islam? It’s because Islam is a religion full of contradictions of which the Western world understands almost nothing and this is to our detriment.

For example, the concept of peace is not something which is valued by Islam.  According to Islamic teachings, peace is only to be embraced for the purpose of buying time in order to become strong enough to overtake and conquer the enemy. Who is the enemy?  Anyone and any country which does not embrace Islam.

Except for Israel, the free world has not yet realized that Muslims simply do not embrace the same values which the West holds near and dear.  Western media is either ignorant of or afraid to report truthfully on the fundamentals of Islam. The media will readily point out human rights violations in other countries but when it comes to the Muslim world the media repeatedly fail to mention that Islam discriminates and persecutes minorities, that Sharia law is barbaric, harsh and oppressive especially toward women, and that jihad, or holy war, is the absolute duty of EVERY Muslim.  

Under Sharia law, it is considered a crime punishable by death to be critical of Islam.  This is why Muslim leaders are not speaking out forcefully against the heinous acts of terror committed by ISIS and others.  If a Muslim leader does speak out against terror (jihad), he is merely trying to deceive in order to eventually gain the upper hand. Islam teaches that lying and deception are acceptable and even considered honorable if it will ultimately benefit the spread of Islam so for a Muslim leader to speak out against terror is really only a tactic of war which will further the Islamic agenda. 

Israel’s leaders have warned the world for years that there will never be peace with the Palestinians because the Palestinians are not true partners for peace. Islam actually prohibits Muslims from having peace with non-Muslims or from entering into any peace agreements unless, as already mentioned, it is to buy time to gain strength and overtake the infidel. Muslims prey on weakness and for this reason Israel must remain strong and uncompromising.  To the Western world, the word “uncompromising” sounds like a lack of diplomacy. However, in Arabic, the word “compromise” equates to weakness – something which Israel cannot afford. 

Truth is the only effective tool against the dangerous ideology of Islam but to use it we must know it. Islamic leaders know that Israel is a force with which they must contend because Israel knows the truth and therefore knows her enemies.

The Temple Mount is the focus of a greater battle than meets the eye. Most commentators agree that the struggle for sovereignty is a key factor in the dispute; and certainly some Arab leaders exploit the religion card to keep the street agitated. But this ancient battle has multiple layers of truth, including the apocalyptic—the destiny of Israel and the nations surrounding her. Its center axis pivots not so much on conflicting religious systems, but on worship: Who is worshipped at the Temple Mount? Who is worshipped at Al-Aqsa Mosque? How does this spiritual side of life impact our world?

Why are the Temple Mount and Jerusalem dead center at the crosshairs of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict—and a flashpoint of global Muslim wrath? Though in Jerusalem, religious zeal seems to evoke more passion than politics does, a parallel conflict looms behind the tense stand-off between Israel, the Palestinians, Jordan, and others in the Muslim world. 

Has anyone ever wondered why Islam’s third holiest place has become so hotly contested when Muslims have Mecca and Medina in their back pocket? Or why Ramallah is not considered as a possible capital of a future Palestinian state instead of Jerusalem, with its 3,000-plus years of Jewish history and holy temple? Why are so many nations lining up against Israel in the UN and across the globe? Why is anti-Semitism spinning out of control while ruthless tyrants elsewhere inflict human suffering without censure?

On the religious side, why have the Jews and their worship been threatened with annihilation for millennia, time and again? Though other nations and faiths also have faced persecution and genocide, the Jews and Israel have broken the world record. 

From the 13th century BCE through the present, attempts to annihilate the Jews include pre-Exodus Egypt; Haman; King Herod’s slaughter of the innocents; Moorish Spain; the Crusades; the Black Death massacres in Europe; pogroms in the Russian Empire and Ukraine; Hebron and Safed during the Palestinian Mandate; the Holocaust, and many more. This list does not include massacres in Israel after 1948, or threats today from Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and others.

Some Jewish streams believe that satan is an angel who tries to lure Jews away from righteous living and their life’s mission. Is not a part of that mission to worship G-d in the place that He chose and where His Name dwells?

The question of “who is being worshipped” is crucial. The prophet Isaiah received the understanding that a satanic power behind the king of Babylon sought to be worshipped. “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! … You said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of G-d; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.I will make myself like the Most High.”

The Jewish Scriptures have encouraging words for Israel and for us. G-d is true to his word, which says he will punish “the powers in the heavens above and the kings on the earth below,” and the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem. Islam will never own the Temple Mount. The deed belongs to Israel and the Jews.

The battle over Jerusalem has extended to higher education. A firestorm erupted over Israel’s offer to East Jerusalem Arab schools to teach the Israeli curriculum instead of the Palestinian one. The Israeli curriculum could open the door for Arab students to take the Israeli matriculation exams and study at its high-ranked colleges and universities. Many East Jerusalem parents realize that access to Israel’s colleges and universities would boost their children’s careers. To that end, the Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Ministry designated 20 million Israeli shekels (more than $5.5 million) for physical plant upgrades to the seven East Jerusalem municipality schools that accepted the option.

Not surprisingly, Palestinian educators slammed Israel’s offer as a “racist” ploy. Higher Education Minister Sabri Saidam called it a “declaration of war against Arab and Palestinian existence in East Jerusalem.” The official PA daily denounced Israel’s endowment as a conditional, arm-twisting “temptation” to force its curriculum down Palestinians’ throats. Though the curriculum is elective for both schools and students, the PA daily accused Israel of deliberately “imposing” it to “control the minds of Palestinian students and falsify Palestinian history.”

Palestinians are skittish about Israeli history, possibly because they expect Israel to teach history like they do—as a tool for propaganda and brainwashing. Palestinian leaders also distrust Western standards of scholarship, and its commitment to free thought and inquiry. They vilify Israel’s historical and archeological records—evidence of the ancient Jewish connection to the Land and Jerusalem—as attacks on Palestinian national identity. Educator Ziyad Al-Shamali threatened legal action against any schools allowing the “Judaization of education.” Like the classic ’70s Coca-Cola ad, detractors who don’t comprehend Israeli education should try “The Real Thing.”

Taste and See

Israel’s robust educational innovation and ingenuity powers its economy. Israel spends a higher share of its GDP on research and development than any developed nation, according to the Financial Times; and its universities rank among the world’s top 100 in science and engineering. A star in the nation’s high-tech crown is the Israel Defense Force Talpiot Computing and Cyber Defense Academy, a collaboration between the IDF and Hebrew University.

“Talpiot’s mission isn’t to learn how to fight. It‘s to learn how to think,” said author Jason Gewirtz. Talpiot requires not just high IQs, top grades and a scientific bent; interviewers also scan candidates for leadership potential—inquisitiveness, ingenuity and creative thinking—willingness to leap beyond the boundaries of what is known. Talpiot is a dynamic driver to the country’s defense and economy; graduates have launched high-tech and security start-ups that have stimulated jobs and foreign investment, and their expertise has enhanced cooperation between allies.

Talpiot is a stellar example of Israel’s educational tradition—founded on democratic values that foster tolerance, academic freedom and coexistence. In research designed to undergird Israel’s “equitable” public policies so as to “advance the wellbeing” of all citizens, a Taub Center for Social Policy study notes: “The low percentage of Arab Israelis with academic degrees indicates the importance of increasing accessibility to higher education for these citizens.” Sadly, those who politicize education are misinterpreting Israel’s good intentions for all its citizens.

The numbers speak

There’s a story behind the low numbers of Arab Israelis with academic degrees. The furor over the Israeli curriculum is fueled by Palestinian fears that their claims on Jerusalem and the Temple Mount will be weakened by the facts of history, and the possibility their youth might thrive and prosper in Israel’s democracy. According to Palestinian Media Watch, an East Jerusalem neighborhood leader slammed the Israeli curriculum as “no less dangerous than the Judaization of Al-Aqsa Mosque and its takeover.”  

One hopes that Palestinian leaders will want more for their youth than a politicized education that prepares them for jihad rather than a hope and a future. Talpiot’s greatest lesson is the blessings inherited because leaders nurtured youth to excel, and they in turn blessed their nation. 

The attainment of social justice has been a utopian goal throughout history. While God created all equal, there is no society in the world where this actually exists in a pure form.  There have always been advocates and champions for the poor and downtrodden so the call for social justice will always be with us. It is right to want to help those less fortunate but we must not be deceived into believing a lie over the honest truth.

On university and college campuses across America, students are particularly attracted to causes and activities which call for social justice because they are looking for something worthwhile and meaningful in which to invest their energies.  This is laudable but before signing on to support a particular cause, some investigation is in order. Sadly, too many are too quick to hang their hats on the peg labeled “social justice” without analyzing the underlying facts or closely examining those people and organizations who are leading the way.  America’s students are being influenced by liberal professors and radical Islamic activists whose agenda is not truly social justice for all. Islamic activists are working diligently on our campuses of higher learning capturing the hearts and minds of college and university students.  They are motivated not by a sense of social justice but rather by the unraveling and dismantling of the principles and values upon which America was founded. By preying on the naiveté of America’s youth, they are working on changing America from within. Once accomplished (and they are making significant progress) the consequences will be negative for America and for Israel. 

One organization, the Christian Coalition of America, is attempting to challenge radical Islam's propaganda campaigns on campuses in every state.  To be successful in confronting the evil ideology of radical Islam, they must vastly expand their presence and accelerate their efforts and this, I understand, is in the works. Remember, radical Islam openly declares their intention to destroy the “Great Satan” which is the USA and the “Little Satan” which is Israel.

Misinformation and fabricated “truths” are two of the tools in the arsenal of radical Islam which is the power source fueling the engines of terror and jihad around the world. The widespread call for social justice for the so called “oppressed” Palestinians has become a hot button to stir up strife creating a hostile environment for Jewish students on campuses. Israel has been painted as an evil pariah and solely to blame for the unfortunate plight of the “poor, oppressed Palestinians” who are suffering at the hands of an unjust “occupier.” In reality it is the corrupt Palestinian leadership with their misguided values which places jihad (holy war) with Israel as more important than lifting the standard of living for the Palestinian people.

Yes, despite what the Palestinians would have the world believe, Israel and the Jews are not the cause for their oppressed state of existence and Israel is not an illegal occupier. In fact, because of the historic Jewish experience, Jews feel a deep moral obligation to stand up for the downtrodden.  Because Israel and Jew bashing are in vogue, it’s doubtful that any of our young generation has ever heard this from one of their left-leaning professors.  Today’s atmosphere of political correctness does not leave room for positive speech about the Jews and Israel and this must stop.  If Israel and the Jews were removed from the earth, the Palestinians would still be poor and desperate. 

If those crying out for social justice really wanted to see this become a reality, they would be on the side of Israel – the one country in the world constantly and unfairly condemned by the U.N. and others and held to a different and higher standard than any other country in the world. The Jewish people are the subject of open hatred and hostility but who is seeking social justice for them? There was little to no outcry for justice when Jewish cemeteries were being desecrated and synagogues spray painted with ugly words and messages reminiscent of the dark days leading up to the Holocaust. The atmosphere today is much the same as it was in the 1930s and 1940s when Hitler unleashed his program of ethnic cleansing but without knowing history this would be difficult to discern.  Ignorance and indifference led to the deaths of millions of Jews and others.  Could it happen again? 

Efforts to achieve social justice will produce positive results if rightly placed.  We must not accept or condone acts of terror, incitement of hatred, or genocidal or brutal acts against humanity. We must know and stand on the truth. If our schools won’t teach our children, then we must teach our schools. Israel and the Jews are here to stay. They have a long and rich history which pre-dates all of us by thousands of years and they have a very wonderful habit of making significant contributions to the betterment of the world from which we all greatly benefit. 

Israel and the Jewish people have been miraculously resilient over the millennia having survived attack after attack from her enemies near and far.  Although they’ve been dispersed to the four corners of the earth, somehow they have maintained their unique Jewish identity and are now regathering in the land of Israel just as the Bible said would happen.  Against all odds, the Jews have retained their ancient religion, culture and original language. 

From the earliest recorded history, the Jews have stood out as a unique group of people not due to their own merit or determination but by the will of God Himself.  The Old Testament, which is based on the Hebrew Torah and Tanakh, predates the Koran and details the history of the Jewish people.  God chose the Jews to carefully record and preserve His word and faithfully pass it down from generation to generation.

God declared to the Jewish people how they were to conduct their lives. He said they were destined to be a light unto the nations. The Israelites were given a choice; to follow God and receive His blessings or turn from Him and face the consequences. Even so, God promised His people that He would never leave them nor forsake them but He has punished them.  Throughout history the Jews have suffered greatly. In ancient times under Pharaoh, life for the Israelites was dismal.  During the time of the Crusades the Jews were mercilessly slaughtered and even burned alive and under the Nazis they were rounded up and tortured in the most horrendous ways imaginable. Their savage tormentors have perished yet the Jews live on.  As promised, God has not forsaken them and He never will.

Those few countries and people groups who have historically blessed and stood by Israel and the Jews have prospered.  Those who embrace the Islamic ideology which is bent on annihilating the Jews are not fairing so well and this is particularly evident when looking at the so-called Palestinians. They live in deep poverty and constant turmoil under corrupt leadership. What’s happening in Jerusalem right now concerning the Temple Mount and the al-Aqsa Mosque is appalling. Palestinians are murdering Israelis in cold blood and then protesting Israel’s right to protect themselves.  Recently Palestinian gunmen ambushed and killed two Israeli police officers.  These Palestinians smuggled guns into the mosque and then burst out and opened fire killing the officers.  Israel took the very sensible step of temporarily closing the mosque and setting up metal detectors to prevent future gun smuggling into the mosque.  Setting up metal detectors has sent the world into an uproar. Palestinians have taken to the streets in violent protests.  The claim is that Israel is destroying the “status quo” and perhaps even trying to take over the Temple Mount which is completely untrue.  Even the World Council of Churches has endorsed the Palestinian protests. Has the world gone mad?  

Safety measures such as metal detectors are common at religious sites around the world.  Even Saudi Arabia established tight restrictions back in 2015 for those Muslims performing a pilgrimage to Mecca known as the Hajj.  We are living in a world where no place is immune from acts of terror.  Why are the Palestinians so outraged by these new metal detectors?  My guess is they had plans for something bigger on which this new heightened security is putting a damper.  Just as He promised, God is still watching over His people.  After all, He has placed watchmen on the walls.  


Christian Coalition of America encourages our members to pray for Senator John McCain, R-AZ  --  a great pro-life champion, a strong national defense supporter, and true American hero  --   who was diagnosed with a brain tumor by the Mayo Clinic care team.   

Roberta Combs, President and CEO of Christian Coalition of America said: “Senator John McCain is a dear friend of mine and of the Christian Coalition of America.  I know that being the great fighter that he is for our causes, he will fight to overcome this latest obstacle in his life!  I urge our members to fervently pray for his full recovery!”


Roberta Combs

President and CEO

Christian Coalition of America